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April 17th, 2011


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She wasn't really eavesdropping. It wasn't her fault that they just happened to be talking near the door as she passed by. Ok, sure. She probably shouldn't have stopped to listen but who could blame her? They were very loud.

"I love him!" Her mother's voice rang out loudly, with agitation and irritation coloring every word. "You have no right to say who I can or can not love, Momos."

Kia didn't really know who Momos was, apparently he wasn't allowed on the mountain all that often, but luckily Ate had been home when he'd arrived and she'd told her that he was their Uncle. Their family was so big, how was she supposed to know ALL of them?

"He's an OLYMPIAN, Eris. I know it's your life's goal to irritate all of us, but this is just too much. Are you too blinded by his glow that you can't see what you're doing?"

Wow. He was talking about Apollo. No one talked about Apollo and her mother around the children but Kia knew what was going on. It wasn't that hard to figure out, after all. Plus it helped that she did like to eavesdrop.

"I'm not doing this to irritate anyone, Momos. Least of all, you. I'm not sure you've noticed but I've moved on. Why can't you?"

The tension radiating from the room after her mother spoke was enough to force Kia to hold her breath and push her ear even closer to the door. What was going on between them? What was her mother talking about? Moved on from WHAT? She had all these burning questions!

"Eris..." Momos started. Kia heard both the warning and the anger in the one quiet word. Apparently, her mother did not.

"What? What, Momos? Nothing to say? Finally! Well, maybe this will shut you up for good. I'm pregnant. And no, it's not just mine this time." Adikia gasped. WHOA. HOLY CRAP. Wait until Ate heard about THAT. She needed to go tell her...

"YOU'RE WHAT?" The need to go tell her sister what she'd just found out passed quickly when the sound of Momos' yell penetrated her thoughts. It was so loud, Kia's ear left the door with a jerk. Suddenly, something had changed in the conversation.

"Momos! Let go of me!" Distressed, Kia bit her lip at her mother's words. What was happening in there? She could hear scuffling and what sounded like someone being pushed into a table and something crashing onto the floor. Unable to stand not knowing what was happening and also concerned that her mother might be in peril, Kia opened the door and peeked into the room.

"Mom? Are you ok? What's going on?"

The sound of the door opening and the question from Kia, caused the occupants of the room to stop the struggle they'd been engaged in. Momos dropped his hands from Eris' arms with a push, leaving bruises behind as they left and giving Eris a look filled with hatred, stormed from the room. Kia's eyes watched him, a little fearful but mainly curious as he left before moving back to her mother.

"Mom?" Her mother didn't answer her, and instead moved to the chaise in the middle of the room, rubbing her arms as she sat down and began to cry. Kia watched with anxious eyes before she moved to sit next to her mother and took her hand. "Are you alright?"

Silence filled the room.

May 4th, 2010

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Who: Kia and Frank
What: Sex...lots of it.
Where: A biker bar in NY
When: Now
Warnings: See #2.

I'll find what lies beneath your sick twisted smile. )

March 7th, 2009

History [Private]

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[Private Journal Entry]

I don't particularly like to talk about my family history. It's a little sordid. But then in a family full of daemons, what exactly do you expect?

First off, I just have to say that I didn't originally look like this. No, I was pretty fucking ugly. Oh yeah, I was. It didn't take long for me to figure out that my look? Wasn't going to get me anywhere. So I started changing young and I've changed over the years but I've pretty much settled on this. Oh, every so often I'll wiggle my nose and shape it differently, but for the most part, what you see is what you're likely to see for awhile.

When I was really young, my mother was there all the time. She was the mom that wanted to be your friend, even when she had to reprimand, you know? She was never very good at that, I mean, she is Discord, what exactly was she going to do? Smack us down for doing something good? And yeah, I was right in the middle of ten plus kids, but I still felt loved. Ate was there when Mom wasn't, so I got attention most of the time. Mostly. You still get lost when you're in the middle. No matter how hard people try.

Then, Mom found Apollo. And she tried to still be there. She really did. But she just wasn't. That was right around the time that Ate left for Dite's, or when she came back? I don't know it gets kinda hazy there. Either way, Ate wasn't around as much. After Mom had Elpis, she and Apollo started to fight a lot. You know the fighting that happens behind doors? The kind you aren't supposed to know about but do anyway? Yeah, that kind. They did that for awhile, then broke up. Mom was pretty devastated. I think that's when she started to lose it. But it wasn't until after the box that she completely lost it.

Oh, the box. You don't know about the box? You know the story, a special box given to that chick named Pandora? She opens it, releases all the little evil goodies in the world and leaves hope in? Yeah, I was one of those little evil goodies. Zeus stuffed us in there and let me tell, if you think it's hard to live with ten plus brothers and sisters out side a tiny ass box? Try doing it IN a tiny ass box. Not fun. This sardine can. A sardine can filled with Strife. I love my brother, but he smells. Anyway, it didn't take us long to get out, Pandora was a mortal after all, but once we were released, Mom just slept all the time, Ate was kicked off the mountain and spent her time running around looking for Elpis and I was on my own again. That's about the time Uncle Moros showed up and took me down to the Underworld for the first time. Oh MAN that was fucking awesome. He only paid attention to ME and he showed me everything. He was the one that took me to the mortal plane to ply my trade for the first time. It was amazing. I never felt so loved, so completely looked after before that.

I stayed on Olympus for a little while after that, but there really wasn't anything there for me after Ate left. So I struck out on my own. The mortal world was so much fun and especially after the Americas were found? That was like my gold mine. All those indigenous people being killed off for no reason? Then all the religious murders and oh my gods, the witch hunts. Those still give me shivers.

I found whiskey, then motorcycles, and the bikers that ride them and I've been pretty content with my life. I don't have to fight for attention any more. The attention comes to me. The love comes to me. I don't have to beg for anything. I ask nicely and it all falls into my lap. How awesome a life is that? Mortals will never have it that good.

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All these beautiful new criminals here and they are working for the other side.

That such a shame.

March 4th, 2009

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Anyone wanna come with me to Tijuana?

I'm in the mood for a little live entertainment.

December 9th, 2008

Character Sheet

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Name: Adikia
Nickname: Kia
Human Name: Kia Montgomery

Domain: Adikia is the daimon of Injustice and Wrong Doing.

History: Being the daimon of wrong doing, Kia never, ever ran out of work. While other gods floundered, Kia enjoyed the Christian mentality and their particular love of persacuting the innocent. In particular, the witch hunts of the Colonial America made her one very happy goddess. Currently, she is a corrupt public defense attorney in New York City. She could move up or be a high powered rich defense attorney, but she prefers to work with the lowly masses, and even sidelines as a tattoo artist on occasion, when she feels the need to mix it up. And yes, she does take bribes...a lot.

Alignment: Mutable


Mental, Social, Physical


Knowledge, Talents, Skills



Level 1 - Immediate Spatial Perceptions
Level 2 - Sense And Touch Space


Level 1 - Sense Thoughts and Emotions
Level 2 - Mental Impulse
Level 3 - Mental Link
Level 4 - Control Conscious Mind


Level 1 - Time Sense
Level 2 - Time Sight



Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4


Level 1
Level 2


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

June 20th, 2008

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Who doesn't love a curvy girl?

April 18th, 2008

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Adikia and Kate Von D are not mine, nor will they ever be mine.

This journal is solely intended for fun and no harm was meant.

Adikia and I play over at [info]mount_olympus. Come join us!


Also, as a side note. I think Kat Von D is beautiful, it's the tats that made her this PB. In case anyone asks. :D
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